In the contribution that raises the brand image

In the introduction we will address many topics related to customer service and the difference between training and development and its benefits and disadvantages as well as the contribution that raises the brand image of the institution by the employees as well as measuring the level of performance of employees in customer service. Also, we will give an example of all the above points. Customer service is the support you provide to your customers whether after or before purchasing the product or service and use, making it easy for them to experience an easy and enjoyable with you.

If you want to keep your customers you must provide them with amazing customer service so as to grow your business. The service is not limited to personal dialogue, but extends to social media, web, email and text messaging. In order to maintain customers, the service must be available throughout the day, at any time, and do not fall behind in your promises to customers.

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Training is a process carried out by the trainee in a short period of time, with instructions and steps to acquire the skill and knowledge that can be predicted. It also gives the trainee the ability to perform the functions with flexibility and productivity as well as self development and gain experience as planned. Development is a long-term production and often involves concepts, philosophy and education and aims to develop relationships, create a successful work environment, improve skills and leadership, and care more about growth than national performance. It is normal for the employee to receive many benefits from training and development programs.

They learn technical skills as per their job requirements. Some organizations and institutions have qualified new university graduates to provide intensive training programs to gain skill and develop them to keep pace with the work environment. The organizations are providing training programs to improve their future in world markets. Training and development programs help to deal with new technologies. Employee benefits for financial gain. Although employee training and development costs the organization money, this investment is positive for the organization.

One of the benefits of training and development is also innovation in strategies and products, and reliance on new methods and techniques. There is no doubt that any system is free of the disadvantages and disadvantages of training and development is that it takes time and costs money on the institution and that this investment may not achieve a high return for the institution and its success, but the institution will have to prepare intensive training programs and staff qualification for implementation. The difficulty experienced by some trainees with the trainers is the weakness of the connection between them as a result of the trainee’s isolation when using the computer, which destroys the social reinforcement, and this makes them frustrated and reduce their interest in training.

Do not give absolute confidence to the trainee and is not treated as an employee. As a result, there is no success unless there is a clear plan or strategy for training and development programs. Employees are important stakeholders of any organization where they are necessary to understand the brand and hence employees are the big part of the brand regardless of the simple activities they are doing.

No one understands the product, vision, and culture of the product more than the employee as he shares everything to achieve a successful brand. An employee can be transformed into a successful brand and whoever takes this approach brings a vision to the brand or brand. Social communication is an important part of employee engagement in ways that benefit the brand. Performance Indicators KPI consists of a set of values that measure success in achieving the objectives of the enterprise and can be classified into the following aspects: Quantitative indicators (Such as statistics and various digital data). Operational indicators that deal with the operations of an existing establishment.

Indicative indicators show whether an enterprise is improving and progressing or vice versa. Practical indicators that demonstrate the satisfaction of the entity with the method of monitoring effective change. The performance indicators of enterprises are viewed by modern establishments as a strategy to achieve goals and results, and a strong indicator of success or organizational failure. This is considered as the medical thermometer of the establishment in terms of measuring (temperature, pressure and other diseases or other diagnoses) for the health of modern organizations.

Determining performance indicators is a determinant of quality indicators and is one of the most important measurements of performance, whether measuring productivity or measuring services, without which the quality system becomes rigid without any improvements. There are generally two types of quality indicators: The first type is quality control related to the standards that the institution wishes to maintain. It is formulated at the enterprise level, using terms similar to those used in the formulation of the basic requirements of the standard, or using lower level requirements related to specific attributes such as safety, reliability, customer satisfaction or Beneficiaries, etc. The second type is quality improvement.

It is often limited to reducing errors, waste (eliminating product mismatches, improving control), and developing new products with distinctive features and qualities that satisfy customer needs more effectively. Bank Muscat is a great example of what we have talked about previously. The Bank’s system is a service system that serves customers with all their inquiries about banking operations such as withdrawals, deposits, loans, etc.

The Bank also provides training and development opportunities for its employees to improve employee competency, provide excellent customer service, and develop business and skills that will enable them to take on higher positions and achieve success in the future. The Bank Muscat training system is of great importance to address employee weaknesses. Employees also contribute to raising the brand at BankMuscat by providing the best and most beautiful services they have, offering respect to all customers and quickly clearing their transactions, encouraging other customers to open their bank accounts at Bank Muscat.

Also, Bank Muscat added an electronic device to each customer service employee for the customer to provide all his suggestions and satisfaction with the employee of all kinds, which provides a complete report of all customers who have been treated by the employee. A full report about the employee and his services is provided.


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