In released from the lysosomes. Once the apoptotic

In the first stages of apoptosis, the cells would begin to shrink which therefore results in the cells to become smaller with a denser cytoplasm.

Thus, the organelles within the cell become more compact and firmly packed together. After that, chromatin condensation occurs so the surfaces of the chromatin clusters and clumps together into many different shapes. It then develops blebs because the cytoplasm blebs out, which are like bubbly-shaped lumps, onto the plasma membrane. When the blebs separate from the plasma membrane, they’re called apoptotic bodies with organelles inside them. The organelles are the cell fragments that can be recycled via phagocytosis. The macrophage engulfs the apoptotic bodies by its pseudopodia to surround it and then starts to digest it. The apoptotic bodies would be inside the phagocytic vacuole which will fuse together with a lysosome.

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The apoptotic bodies will break down after the lysozymes get released from the lysosomes. Once the apoptotic bodies are digested, the macrophages become tingible body macrophages which can be stained.


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