In Casbah, striking Algerians while they were

In the film ”The Battle of Algiers” the FLN freedom fighters are marked as terrorist organization. However, they used some violence tactics as the only available to combat the oppression of the French colonizers.

The National Liberation Front (FLN) created a program to get rid of drugs and prostitution in Casbah, which the French have encouraged and tolerated. French citizens are not showing a respect for Algerian people. In the movie racism is presented. Is a terrorism an effective measure in detain its goal and should we call it a terrorism? From my point of view the perfect example has been given.

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Both sides used a terror attacks to obtain their goals. What was really sad was those innocent people who were killed and their families who suffered a lot. An Algerian people in their campaign used violence against French policemen, the most visible target of French oppression in the daily lives of the Algerians.

At this point the author of the film shows that violence is not directly to French civilian. It is the French government who raised the strikes by placing bombs in the Casbah, striking Algerians while they were sleeping. The big riots started.

Military created checkpoints and build fences where they checked each Algerian. After a while I can see they are not fighting only for independence, they are fighting also for the freedom of movement, the right to be accepted as country and to be respected from other countries. However on the other side, French government wants to occupy Algeria and to be under their command. The FLN organization responded in their way by giving three Muslim woman a bombs to put in different locations.

Dressed as Europeans without their veils, women placed their bombs in the offices of Air France, a café, and an ice-cream bar where a lot of young people are gathered together. In reaction to the bombings, the French government called the paratroopers to deal with FLN and with the Algerian people. The paratroopers used a lot of violence. They crushed a lot of stores looking for the FLN rebels. More people got caught. Every day some of the rebels were killed or tortured.

The military just wanted to know who the head of organization is and to remove it. The police and military used a violence not only against the FLN rebels but also against innocent people. However, we came to the situation to ask ourselves if the terrorism is morally acceptable in fighting for freedom and independence? In my point of view, both sides used terror attacks against each other. The French government bombed with napalm bombs and destroyed a lot of villages, on the other side FLN organization because they didn’t have it such power as army and police they used their tactics for revenge. Both sides made a little efforts to resolve problem.


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