In dignities. Technology modifies automated machines comprehensively and

In the era of globalization the impact of technology and innovations in the world has increased significantly.

Nowadays the most abundant representatives of technological advancement are robots. Since the first advent of automated machines they have endured a significant transformation. Robots interfere basically in all areas of life, namely in industry, customer services and medicine. If such tendency has either a positive effect or negative is still a matter of debate for scientists and researchers. Using robots for industrial purposes contributes to higher quality, greater production capacity and high percentage of output.

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They perform an expanded range of tasks which require speed, flexibility and precision. While men distract from work due to exhaustion, famine or other human factors, machineries controlled by special programs operate during protracted period. Furthermore, robots have numerous capabilities and complete tasks where men are powerless.

Nevertheless, artificial intelligence is commonly associated with unemployment and redundancy. The family of my friend experienced circumstances when there was implementation of robotic machines in his father’s factory. A majority of employees were dismissed and practically displaced by modern technologies.

“Lawyers, engineers, brain surgeons and even actors might be displaced by ‘bot” (Boyd, 2014). Consequently, introduction of automated machines in industry result in improving unemployment rate which hinders sustainable economical development in the country.In recent time robots are progressively evaluating and eventually may become one of the universal dignities. Technology modifies automated machines comprehensively and it is no surprise that by 2040 they will apart of humankind (Drum, 2013).


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