In was never an Animal Farm. It

In the dull eyes of Clover, there was no difference between pig or human. They were all enormously fat drunkards. The animals soaked in the horror of all this and walked solemnly away.

They returned to their stalls and slept uneasily all night long. The next morning, it was announced by Napoleon that humans would be welcomed on the new Manor Farm. Squealer explained to the animals that the true spirit of Animalism was only to improve on what was the status quo.

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He said that from the start, it was Manor Farm and would continue to be Manor Farm for always. There was never an Animal Farm. It was only a misconception laid down by the devious Snowball, a treacherous pig who attempted to dull down the true potential of Manor Farm. With that, Squealer left promptly and allowed the few animals’ minds which had remembered an Animal Farm, fighting amongst themselves.

Finally, it became an accepted fact to all that the farm they thought to have to beeen known as Animal Farm was the Manor Farm all along. This was, except for one.The Old Soul Benjamin did not buy Squealer’s explanation so easily. He racked his brain, trying to find the real reason for his unease.

Alas, somewhere in his ancient memory there stood the slogan: “Long Live Animal Farm!” And with that, he nodded. He had finally found the dreaded explanation of everything that had happened. His clouded life had been cleared.

He felt the many years of pain he should have felt during those long and dreadful days under the rule of the pigs. He felt the agony and death. He felt Boxer and his morbid death. In the privacy of his stall, Benjamin cried.

He sobbed and sobbed. He wept until the break of dawn.Before work hours began, Benjamin gathered everyone into his stall and passed on his musings to everyone.

They were shocked and un-believing at first, but as time went on and he spoke more and more vividly, a simultaneous thought passed between them: escape. They must escape from the evil clutches of the pigs and live wherever homes could be found. Or, as a young horse stated, they could take over the farm and rule forever. Clover said that this would be a bad idea as Benjamin would be the only one educated enough to manage the farm and he would be gone soon. Then where would they be? On top of that, they had no idea what kind of treaties the pigs had exchanged with the humans, and for all they knew, the humans could be on them in seconds!!!So, it was decided: Immediate flight it would be, and when the pigs stumbled outside for the first time that day, during the evening, they were outraged, but not surprised, to find the fields and all the stalls empty. The animals were gone.The pigs scoured the farm for some evidence as to where the animals had fled, but found none.

They promptly returned to the Farmhouse and continued with their evening nap, reassured that the animals would have no choice but to return shortly and finish their daily work. But when the pigs next awoke up, there was still no sign of the animals. They began to panic, thinking of all the horrible ways they could suffer with no one to tend to the farm or to provide them with food. They started to worry that their neighbors would use the pigs’ predicament to their advantage and strike on Manor Farm when the pigs were at their weakest.

The pigs began to feel the pain the animals had felt. They felt how it was liked to be deceived. They felt the empty bellies of their so-called “slaves”.

The pigs now suffered how the other farm animals had suffered and a spark of sympathy was ignited. From that, a longing for the return of Snowball emerged in Napoleon’s heart. Napoleon longed for the other animals. He longed for the once beloved Animal Farm. With a swipe of his trotter, he ripped off his shirt and kicked off his pants.

He threw off his hat, and in almost instantaneous fashion, the most dejected mood he had felt in years left him as he fell down onto all four legs.Napoleon ordered the rest to follow the same procedure and after lots of drama and uproar, Squealer was the only one left on two legs with his dress clothes on. He believed that pigs were the upper class and meant to be fashionable.

“How dare all of you disrespect the ways of the pigs. How dare you deny our true potential! We are pigs! Not animals, we are pigs!””Oh, but that is where you are wrong. We are still animals,” replied Napoleon, “We are still animals.””Comrades, listen to me! This pig is a fool! He forces you against your will and is attempting to persuade you to do a most horrid thing! This comrade deserves to be put down.

He deserves the suffering that any man or animal who defies the pigs deserve!!! He is a senseless beast in disguise! Manor Farm must be rid of such a threat! Let us decide upon it! Banishment or Death?”Naturally, death was chosen, by the pigs, and the dogs were sent to decapitate Napoleon on the spot. Just before the wicked jaws of the dogs closed around his neck, Napoleon hollered, “Long Live Animal Farm!” And with that, an eerie silence fell over the pigs. Their leader was gone. They looked at each other and truly couldn’t tell the difference between animal or human. Almost immediately, they had an epiphany.

They finally understood how this situation could take away lives and they suddenly sided with Napoleon. They reflected on their behaviors and felt the same way Napoleon did. And from this sprouted a profound hatred for Squealer…


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