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In every poem or play there are themes. A theme in a play entails what the author is trying to convey to readers. Arthur Miller, incorporates a variety of themes within his play, The crucible, a drama. Although the Puritans had a very strict protestant life, their fear of demonic entities lead to the misleading accusations of innocent townspeople. However, through terror, the personal growth of John proctor began to overwhelm the small town of Salem.    It’s important not to let fear lead to unreasoning panic and mindless accusations. Abigail in consternation for her life falsely accuses Tituba for the crime of Witchcraft. Instead of standing firm against Evil, as Rebeca nurse did, Tituba dishonestly accuses numerous people of signing the devils book allowing fear to triumph: “And I look-and there was Goody Good and Goody Osburn (pg.484). Abigail & the rest of the girls in accordance start blaming over a dozen of innocent people. Once the rumor of witchcraft broke loose in Salem, fear & chaos overtook the town.  The terror intensified, causing the officials of the court to take extreme measures to exterminate those that have been corrupt. High court official, judge Danforth, Prompted these extreme measures. In the Yellow Bird Scene of Act three, Judge Danforth accused John Proctor of being “combined with antichrist,” (pg.524) due to the false accusations of Marry Warren upon him. Arthur Miller exhibits how the  unhinged mania of false accusations & fear could impact the small colonial town of Salem, removing all the reasonable & rational thinking from it’s townspeople. A terrible ordeal can sometimes lead to personal growth. However, some people may argue that going through a terrible ordeal can lead to major repercussions. In the Crucible, Arthur miller makes a strong argument against the idea of redemption for sinners, “These people have no ritual for the washing away of sins.” In the beginning of the play of Acts one & two, John Proctor was feared in Salem & later presented as a fraud. Furthermore, Proctor committed adultery. However, through Elizabeth’s “Justice that could freeze beer,” John Proctors aptness to tell the court of his affair exhibits the true man that he is. John willingly sacrificed his reputation to protect his wife from imprisonment & possibly death. Although John committed the crime of infidelity, his overwhelming heroic behavior & the need to make things right within his family and in the community of Salem, leads to his personal growth throughout the play.Today, individuals are obsessed with fear. With the growing increase of Technology, people can view any TV station or podcast station at the flick of button. News stations is home to terrifying new stories & fake news. Like the Salem Witch Trials, Muslims & Immigrants are being hunted down. The fear that American Citizens have after 9/11 creates discrimination, prejudice, & Racism in our society. 


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