In the article the American dream that so many talk about that is supposed to bring wealth

In the article the American dream that so many talk about that is supposed to bring wealth, growth and opportunity to people, is actually occurring more in China than here in the United States. The article talks about the current economic state of China as compared to the United States and although China has a lot more poverty overall, they are a lot more optimistic about their current lives, and the economy in China.
In China, the levels of poverty have decreased substantially since the 1990’s with many young adults surpassing the wealth of their fathers, and even overall life expectancy has increased by seven years; although the disparity between the rich and the poor is quite similar in China compared to the United States, they have more policies implemented in terms of the poor and also have a rising middle class. Many people in China not too long ago, worked in fields and were borderline poor, and now because of the flourishing economy which people call the Chinese Dream they are able to live comfortable lives.
Structural factors play a big role in the differences in the economies in China and the United States. When looking at both countries it’s important to note that America is known as a “melting pot,” where the majority of China is homogenous. Structural aspects to me is any factor like race or social class that affects or has an impact on a community/group of people. This is important to note because, I think the economic situation in America would be a lot different if the population were only Caucasian or only one ethnicity, and maybe there wouldn’t be poverty at all, because your race/ethnicity, and gender all have a correlation with poverty. In an article by (Kozol J, 1991) it talks about how there is not only a disparity in the united states between the rich and the poor, but that it can also be seen within the States like New York where even just in neighborhoods that aren’t too far away from each other the privilege and the underprivileged is evident, and I think this ties in a lot to what was talked about in the article when comparing the United States and China.
This article was very different from the other one’s I have looked at, but I think it was interesting to see how the United States compares to another country like China. I think this really gave me a different outlook on the Chinese economy, and how the United States definitely has to start doing better and taking care of the working class and the poor. To see that so many families in China are rising out of poverty, and that it’s so much easier over there to climb the social ladder gives me hope that maybe something like that can happen in the United States as well.


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