In the article, found on the news

In the article, found on the news gazette, “As federal farm bill moves to full house, some locals none too pleased” written by Adalberto Toledo on April 24,2018, discusses how the Farm bill will take away some of the government assistance from the locals. Toledo states that “The bill could mean cuts to conservation programs, more stringent work requirements for food-stamp recipients and expansions on commodity and crop-insurance subsidies for farmers”, this means it is going to become harder for people to be eligible for government assistance.

He also talks about how the farm bill is taking money away from the budget for conservation programs for the state. In the article, Toledo states that “U.S.

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Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Taylorville, says he couldn’t be happier to see the farm bill out of committee.” I believe this is the government’s way of taking money away from a program that they don’t feel is as important as others. Thus making it an issue between the state and the government.


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