In the analysis above, the data in the tables were used. The torque, flux, and the position of the stator flux linkage space vector responsesof the motor using conventional DTC and fuzzy logic with duty ratio control respectively for a step torque, flux and angular command of 0.

15N¬-m, 2.4wb and 3.3 degree with the drive output updated at a rate of 5KHZ were used. The torque, flux and the position of the flux linkage space vector ripples generated were 0.09N-m, 4.67wb and 0.

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85 degree approximately, while in fuzzy logic control with duty ratio, the ripples were reduced to 0.0055N-m, 0.44wb and 0.04 degree respectively, neglecting the both under shoot at the beginning of each voltage vector. With these, we observed that the ripples were reduced drastically and able to achieve 95% of improvement.


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