In increase unless some action is taken

In the 2013 film “Inequality for All”, former Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich talks about the enormous income gap present on the US economy and how this will do nothing but increase unless some action is taken against that problem; stating that “The richer get richer and the poor get poorer.” Reich bases his statements on historical facts and data all throughout the documentary. The objective of the film is to create awareness of this problem and call people into action. He also spends a big amount of time talking about democracy and how it is affected by this, how political power is now in the hands of the wealthiest and the voice of the people has almost been vanished.
He begins explaining how inequality started becoming an issue in the late 1970s, when income started fattening, in contrast to a growing economy, since gross domestic product (GDP) kept rising. The problem starts when health care prices, housing, college and everyday expenses start to correspondingly rise. As American household expenditure rose so should have income but instead these either dropped or stayed as they were. This increasing gap became a threat to the middle class, which constitutes 70% of our economy. Reich explains how it is the middle class that keeps a good economy and generate production,


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