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In Summary, a belief of mine states that Canada has the incorrect stance on abortion laws fueled by Morgentaler and various other pro-choice activists. Our country prospers upon free and equal rights, though is missing rights of relevant beings in our future citizens. The process of abortion uses murderous tactics to destroy and deny life and the right of life Canadians are entitled too. Knowledge and devastation of the process should be enough to turn against it. Pain should never be wished, or purposefully enforced upon anyone, regardless of age.

The developing fetus fails to receive the equality and rights it would in future weeks. He or She is left hostage in the dark womb with others authorizing its fate. Our nation has turned from being a pro-life state and now allows the brutal slaying of the most innocent and promising by those excusing their own personal problems. Life is extreme, though a lesson of abortion is to put others ahead of yourself.

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All natural aspects of life, such as the birth of a child are created by God above us, and is present for a good reason. God is the one who should determine who receives life and who does not. Us as humans must not take away Gods dignity and take it upon ourselves to use violence and end lives. Morality and religion further prove negative aspects of abortion. Science displays how life is present in the womb, with the formation of many human characteristics very quickly and that life begins as soon as the egg is fertilized. Our world would only be better with further diversity, more people, and more unique qualities brought upon to better each other.

Who knows what new innovative contributions would have been implemented to our world today by those unfortunately aborted. The topic of abortion may be moral and social sin in my opinion, but not for others. This difference in vision will be brought upon in the courts as changes of power in politics continue to evolve. There will never be a day where everyone can agree. The most significant aspect of the abortion debate is how much people value rights and freedoms, as well as our constitution.

Women’s rights, and fetal rights are those which will continue to improve and be better for all. Law and democracy have effectively been implemented when people debate where a topic shall fall.


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