In dove into specific parts of the

In summary bipolar is a complex illness which requires special care by the medical team in order to recognize, treat, and protect the patient. While it can be difficult for not only the patient but those around them it can be treated and managed. Patient with bipolar often get treated badly because of the way they act and can be misunderstood by the general population but this is an illness that is sometimes beyond the patients control by normal means. With proper treatment they can lead a full and happy life without stigma from people who may not understand and it is up to us as nurses to recognize this and treat patients knowing this because this to can also be a treatment strategy for the patient, treating them like normal people and understand what they are experiencing as to give them the best possible outcome.

The three articles I used for my paper while having similarities, dove into specific parts of the illness from treatment, management, and overall social experiences patients may have to deal with while suffering from bipolar. The articles depicted different issues patients and nurses may experience while trying to manage the illness or treating a patient with it. They all attributed to either its management of the patient or the illness itself.

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