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In sports everyone who commits to playing for an team knows that there is a large risk involved everytime time that athlete is stepping onto the field. The most common sport where concussions occur is football. Everytime a young man straps up his helmet he is putting his body at risk for severe injury. Everyone knows how severe concussions are because how much they are discussed through the media and medical field. In high school football the concussion is the most severe injury because of the long term effects of it such as suicides and sensory loss.
The biggest reason concussions occur in football is because of the severe high impact helmet to helmet collisions. In general if any player willingly targets a defenseless opponent that aggressor will be ejected from the game. There is ways coaches can help prevent concussions and that is teaching the football team how to properly tackle with their heads up. The change would also apply to offensive lineman also other than a three point stance the lineman could be upright in a two point stance with no hands on the ground which would result in more arm and hand blocking. Recently little league divisions have

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