In Range: A Controversial Video Game essay

Professor Carl Davis recently released a report on the violence used in this kind of games.

In his report he suggest that it will increase young people’s level Of aggression. He also claims that it desensitizing youngsters to death and destruction. The release of this rapport has caused a stir among the people. Several politico and authorities try to ban the game. In response to all these criticism, Extreme Action organized a press conference.

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During this press conference ExtremeAction stated the fact that In Range doesn’t increase aggression of young people. They also said that professor Davis did his research very subjectively and made hasty conclusions. Extreme Action finds that even if violent gaming will increase aggression in youth, it is still their own responsibility to buy and use the game. According to Extreme Action the gaming industry has a very big influence on the global economy these days.

They think banning In Range will prevent them from creating new jobs, or even lose jobs.Although politico and authorities haven’t been able to trigger a ban, all these fuss certainly harms Extreme Action’s turnover. In my opinion the way Extreme Action has responded can be called very professional.

They made clear statements, and didn’t judge the politico and authorities without using strong arguments. Their smart usage of corporate communication has convinced me that they are a good company, who develops responsible games even though there is some violence in the games.

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