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In the book “Sula” a woman named Eva is the matriarch of the Peace family she is strong willed and tough. Along with being one of the very few characters who live to the end of the book and as the book goes on some of her decisions are hard to understand especially when she ends up murdering her favorite child Plum. We see that she is very devoted to her children and fights hard to survive.How does Plum’s actions cause Eva to murder him?After her husband leaves her with no money and three kids when she finally can’t take the struggle any longer, she leaves her kids with a neighbor.

Returning a year and a half later with a missing leg and a bunch of money. People think that Eva lost her leg on purpose to get insurance money. Which can tell us about her character that she does what she has to do to survive, and this has made her a rather hard womanThe youngest of Eva Peace’s three children that seemed to be loved the most was Plum Peace.

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He goes off to fight in World War I and like another character in the book Shadrac does not come back the same man.  He spends a year traveling through American cities when he finally returns home he is barely recognizable, and his sisters and mother realize that he is now a heroin addict.During the night Eva goes into Plums bedroom to hold him in her arms. After that she pours kerosene over him and burns him to death. The story does not go very deep into Plum’s character, but he does tell us a lot about Eva. She loves her son so much that she can’t bear the thought of him dying an inappropriate death.

Eva’s actions in killing Plum represents the unclear power of love that she has for all her children but Eva clearly loved Plum the most. Her love has not changed even with his return from the war as a heroin addict, and Eva’s decision to kill him is an expression of her love for him. Eva loves her child plum so much she cannot watch as he goes deeper into his addiction. This is both a selfish and unselfish act It is a selfishness act because she loves him and believes she can decide what is best for him, and believes death is better than addiction so believing that to be the right thing she give him a death worthy of a man.

This is an unselfish act because she is losing her only son by putting him out of his misery.


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