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In our country, stealing is a big problem.

People would be pressured into stealing or thinking it is a thrill. It is a problem everyone is going to have to deal with once in their life. The worst thing about it is that many people get away with it and not get into any trouble.

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Instead of stealing, which will cause problems for a single person and the people who care for them, it is better to purchase the item with your own money. Stealing will affect you and other people who care for you. It also affects the store in which you chose to steal from.

When a person decides to steal, the store they are stealing from will affect the profits and they will end up losing money. If everyone in a store were to take a item that is 1 dollar, the store will be losing more than the dollar item a person took. Another example is if a group of people steal 30 dollars worth of items at a store, the store lost a huge amount of profits in one day.

Stores deal with shoplifting all the time and it is something that they shouldn’t have to. If everyone would understand the consequences, it wouldn’t be such a huge problem as it is right now. Shoplifting is like taking advantage of a person’s hard work.


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