In order to work effectively it is

In order to work effectively it is essential to establish good relationships with a range of people. These can include service users, families, colleagues, management, and medical practitioners.
People who have good communication skills are likely to have strong relationships and there are a number of ways you can achieve this for all receivers in the work setting – being respectful, consistent, and patient in the way you listen and respond to people will encourage them to trust and communicate with you.
Having an adaptive approach depending on who you’re interacting with will determine the effectiveness of communication – for example someone who has difficulty hearing may benefit more from body language and facial expressions than tone of voice – we have a resident who is deaf and blind on one side and finds it easier if you approach and talk to her from the opposite side to avoid confusion and getting startled. Non-verbal communication such as eye contact, body language, and facial expressions can sometimes indicate a better interpretation of what you’re saying than verbal communication, and is important to get right.
Verbally, the vocabulary and tone of voice you use can vary depending on who you’re communicating with and adapting this is essential in order to be understood correctly.

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Last updated: December 11, 2019


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