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In order to illustrate the state of nature and the necessity of monarchy, in his masterpiece Leviathan, Hobbes brings in the controversial concept of how naturally men have been conditioned to be equal. In his argument, Hobbes says that this equality is brought about biologically through the body and mind and that also through nature. To back up these claims about how men are equal in body, he goes ahead to argue that even though some people might be stronger than others, in the various circumstances even a child can be able to kill a man during his sleep, thereby, given the right circumstances everyman can equally kill any man if the circumstances allow.

The other concept of equally according to Hobbes is that of the mind whereby he claims that the mind even brings the concept of equality far much better than the body since everyman thinks of himself to be much better than the other. Finally, the philosopher argues that men are naturally equal by nature. Through this equality brought about the body and mind, men tend to be selfish in nature, desiring what other people have for themselves which later leads to the rise of wars.Other than Thomas Hobbes, another philosopher that tries to explain the concept of human equality is John Locke. Both of them agree on that human are basically equal while the ways they define equality are totally different.

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For instance, John Locke acknowledges the fact that indeed human beings perceive themselves to be more superior than the others and as a result, human beings tend to be selfish which brings about wars as they desire what others have However, John Locke disagreement with Thomas Hobbes heavily leans on the condition a man is when in the state of nature, according to Locke, men are free to do whatever they want in a state of natureHowever, on the contrary, according to Thomas Hobbes, without any authority, the condition of men is naturally brutish since men are constantly in fight with one another over the limited resources available. In fact, Hobbes says that men don’t have any power in a state of nature contrary to John Locke who rather sees men to being their own lord in control of whatever possession that they have amassed over time.In conclusion, both the arguments of Locke and Hobbes about equality brings into light the onset of formation of government. as equality of man kicks in either through the body and mind which also leads to war since they equally share the same desires the rise of government was inevitable. For this to happen, man therefore forfeits his naturally owned right of being his own lord and gives authority to government to protect his interests with equality without any bias whatsoever, therefore allowing man to do whatever he wants as long as he does not harm others as a result.


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