In citizenry and democracy, a link can

In order to establish a concrete opinion on whether or not reading citizenry is important to a democratic society, its meaning and definition should be understood. By knowing the definition of citizenry and democracy, a link can be established to its relationship. Democracy entails governmental processes that enable the citizens to exercise their power and rights.
This means that democracy is both a right and a privilege. It is a right in the sense that people have a say on what the government should do through the representatives they have elected. Democracy is a privilege mainly because as citizens, there is a need to exert effort to ensure that democracy it kept protected. On the other hand, a citizenry would entail having background, intelligence and understanding that would allow them to understand concepts that pertain to the government.
Representatives would have to belong to the citizenry. In this case the citizenry should get to choose who represents them. Given these reasons, it is but right to say that a citizenry is important to a democratic society.
Citizenry precedes democracy in order for democracy to be firmly thought about in the system of government, it is necessary that the people who intend to have a democratic society understands its concept and how it works.
Individuals who are citizens, know the rights and obligations that need to be set that would initiate the establishment of a democracy. This translates to the fact that framers of the law know what democracy is before they cant even think about the concept of a democratic society. Citizenry becomes the foundation of a well established democratic society therefore its importance should not be neglected.

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