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In the novel ” Gulliver’s Travels ” it discuss the ways in which Swift insures that the readers will be suspicious of Gulliver, be on guard against him, and be critical. When Gulliver gets to the island the emperor is immediately suspicious of him immediately, the reason being is Gulliver point of view on life and morality is different from everyone else as the people of the island haven’t been anywhere else but the island as Gulliver is from the outside world. Through the novel it is a up and down cycle of how the people feel about him. Of course in the beginning they are skeptical about him of him being big and different look of a person. In his first three travels Gulliver never encounters primitive peoples. From the beginning Gulliver’s presence in Lilliput presents political problems and he becomes the focus of political intrigue: ‘It seems that upon the first Moment I was discovered sleeping on the Ground after my Landing, the Emperor had early Notice of it by an Express: and determined in Council that I should be typed in the Manner I have related …

‘ (I.l; 1 0). The immediate alertness of Gulliver’s arrival to the King, the summoning of a council, stress the fact that Lilliput is from our first encounter with it to be imagined as a political world. The political events and political practices of Lilliput have been related to the political history of England during early 1700s by Firth, Case and others. But the power of the book is not just restricted to these particular political allusions: the general satire of the methods of promotion to ministerial office in Lilliput is parodic of the attitude of mind behind and nature of such procedures in any political society. The land Gulliver visit is a form of post colonialism as the society is full of colonized people and their lands and is ruled by one person and that’s who the people look for guidance. In reality the people have a reason to skeptical about Gulliver because he’s an outsider from there own unique world, for example if an American where to go to Africa he or she is not adapted to the culture and not knowing the language will make the person visiting an outsider.

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Indifferent that the island Gulliver travels to is total isolated from the rest of the world, backed up in technology and isn’t to new visitors coming. The whigs and the Lilliputians uses examples of other historical societies, for example Glorious Revolution (1688-89), the object of which was to convince James II (king of England from 1685 to 1688) to abdicate the throne. James, a Roman Catholic, sought to increase the power of the Roman Church in England at the expense of the Anglican Church, long considered the country’s official church.

James’ interests ran counter to those of the majority of his subjects, which was bad enough, but his methods–underhanded, blatantly discriminatory against Anglicans and cruel–made the situation impossible. James did flee England in December 11, 1688, when William of Orange, his son-in-law and a moderate Protestant, arrived with a small army to depose him. James lived the rest of his life in France under the protection of Louis XIV, but the English remained anxious that he or his son would again try to seize the throne.


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