In my role as a

In my role as a duty manager I promote equality and ensure that all of the individuals I support have the same opportunities, rights and choices. I ensure that they are provided with dignity, privacy and respect and I promote them to be as independent as they can be. I ensure inclusion by adapting an activity so that all individuals are able to partake no matter what their disability. As a staff team we ensure that we are aware of any community activities that are taking place that residents may wish to attend and support them to still be part of the community.• There are many barriers to equality and inclusion in my workplace. The main barriers are: Prejudice is ‘ an unreasonable, pre-conceived judgment that is not based on knowledge, evidence or experience’. This creates a barrier to recognising equality.

• Cultural barriers – these can prevent people from accessing the correct dietary needs depending on their culture. • Social backgrounds – • Sexual orientation – if an individual has a different sexual orientation they may feel isolated if other individuals have strong beliefs on this subject. • Communication – if a member of staff has a strong accent, individuals may struggle to understand their accent and may mis interrupt information.

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