In company and the Apple market will decrease.

In my opinion, Apple would not have customers, no more innovation and also the market opportunity. If the top executives had not supported investment in ipads, people will forget the use of Apple. Therefore, people will use the old version to downloading mp3 from different apps.

Other companies might take advantage of creating ipods.It is unethical for Apple to sell its iTunes customer information to other business because it will break the customer trust to the company and the Apple market will decrease. It could be the customers choose another product. The effects on Apple’s business if it failed to secure its customer information and it was accidentally posted to an anonymous website are the Apple will lose their customer and it might be face the legal issues by the customers from breach the customer’s privacy rightYes, I agree that Apple’s iTunes, iPhone applications and iPad applications give the company a competitive advantage.

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It is because they provide a good experience from the customers. Besides, other company cannot easily copy this product. The Apple used an advance technology to give the company a competitor advantage.


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