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In my life I have travelled to many countries but if I get an opportunity to migrate I would migrate to USA, as it is a very rich and beautiful country. It is a very developed nation and a rising super-power now. They have better and advanced medical and schooling facilities. There is more land per capita.

It is a very clean and well-maintained country. There are more pull factors compared to the push factors of USA. It is a very popular migration choice for people. Half of my family lives there, and this would bring us closer.

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??Pull Factors• Better schooling and medical facilities=The US teaching system has better schooling methods and advanced technology, which also helps in the medical field.• More job opportunities for citizens=There are many job openings in many of the dominant fields.• More land per capita=In the US many people own more land than the average.

• Advantage-exploited natural resources=The USA has many natural resources that have been exploited for its advantage.• Good wage structures=There is a good wage structure in US. The average minimum wage is $7.25 (approx. ?485)?Push Factors• Hostile government administration=The new Trump government doesn’t care about the welfare of the citizens or the unity of the country.• Gender bias among citizens=Women aren’t given equal opportunities as compared to men and are treated inferior.

• Police brutality towards citizens=The police brutality rate of US tops the charts. Many innocent people die every year.• Institutional racism among citizens=Racism is very common in US, many Africans have been offended by President Trump himself. Trump doesn’t treat the LGBTQ citizens with respect.

• Highest persecution rate of citizens=USA has the highest persecution rate in the world. Many prisoners die every year.


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