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InCanada, food which engaged in salting, roasting, drying, cooking or canningnuts, processing grains or seeds into snacks, manufacturing peanut butter, ormanufacturing potato chips, corn chips, popped popcorn, hard pretzels, porkrinds and other similar snacks is consider as snacks food as had beenclassified by North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) 31191. Snackfoods have been one of the fastest growing product categories in the domesticmarket in this country in recent years. Snack food product are availableeverywhere, for example in major chain grocery retailers, large format outlets,corner stores, drug stores, gas stations and vending machines as well as inmovie theaters and at sporting events. Therefore, snack food industry give highrespond to consumer preferences in term of their preference flavor which alsofocus on healthier products and convenience.

Snack food is the fastest growingproduct in the market because of the Canadian food preference. Canadian peoplelove salty foods.  This is proved by $2.

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3billion of revenues in 2012 and this country also had imported $676.7 millionin snack food products in 2014. Besides that, sales of goods manufactured bythe Canadian snack food industry increased 28.

7% to $2.3 billion whileimports had an average annual growth rate of 11.2% between 204 and 2012.

             The fact that Canadian love salty foods likesnacks food has given a good opportunity for New Star Food industries Sdn Bhdto bring their snack food product in this country. Since the New Star Food IndustriesSdn Bhd had produce many snacks range from different ingredient and various flavorsfrom spicy and savory so, it is easier for them to enter Canada snack foodindustry. Furthermore, this company also had already export their product intomore than twenty countries around the world including Asia-Pacific, Middle East,Australia, New Zealand, Mauritius and so on. Their product also available in UnitedStates which the people there have almost similar preference like Canadianpeople so, it is also an advantage for New Star Food Industries to enter intoCanada market because this company had already has knowledge and experience aboutthe consumer preferences in that region.             It is also an opportunity for NewStar Food industries Sdn Bhd to increase the Halal food product in Canada sinceit is estimated that Canadian halal food market will be worth $1 billion.

The Halalfood market in Canada is increasing as Canada’s Muslim population is increasingat roughly 13 per cent annually. This means that the number of Halal consumersproduct also high given the forecast that Canada’s Muslim community is expectedto triple by 2031, consequently consumer demand for halal food products is alsoexpected to increase.


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