In the betterment of their personal and academic

In another research done by
Parlette and Howard (2010), the positive influence of reading on personal and
academic performance was apparent in the results of their findings. The test
was done on eighteen to twenty-year old first year university students. A
discussion based method was used in this research. Focus groups were made to
reach significant findings and analysis of the discussions. Four out of the five
groups were seen to believe that pleasure reading is an important device to the
betterment of their personal and academic lives. A number of students said that
pleasure reading helps in improving their vocabulary and their personal
intellect. The results showed that the students believed that reading serves as
an important tool in leaving a positive impact on academic performance and
personal lives. This research recommends libraries and universities to involve
students in reading activities. Also, that book clubs, reading programs and
attaining the right material to students will be of great help to making them


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