In marijuana works and its effects on

In my opinion I think marijuana should be legalized for medical purposesbecause there are a great deal of benefits that come from it even thoughthere are some negative things that come along with it also. If marijuana hasthe capability to be used a cure, pain reliver, reducing symptoms or having apositive effect on somebody who has medical issues I think we should jumpat the opportunity. We should encourage scientist keep learning and studyingon how marijuana works and its effects on the body and the effects it couldhave. I think more people should be more opened minded to legalizingMarijuana because it is making a difference in someone life and since we areable to study every complex and simple detail about it we should definitelyexplore the subject.

Some reasons why people are against legalizingmarijuana is because of the short, long and physical effects of marijuana.These effects include breathing problems, increased heart rate, temporaryhallucinations and paranoia, slowing down brain development, psychosis,impaired memory, and difficulty with thinking and problem solving. But wewouldn’t know if these symptoms would affect someone with a medicalcondition in a negative way as someone who may use marijuana for fun.

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Ifmarijuana was legalized it could kill tumor cells and tumor growth, help toprevent Alzheimer’s, treat with migraines, sclerosis, PMS, ADD, ADH andseizers. Some other medical conditions it could help are epileptic seizures,addictions, muscle controlment, possibly treating some mental illnesses. Oneof the bigger things marijuana can do is help with cancer cells. Recentstudies on animals have shown that extracts of marijuana can reduce thesize and help kill certain cancer cells.

If marijuana was legalized people inthe medical field would be using purified extracts of THC and CBD formedical purposes. Scientists have also been considering more things thatmarijuana can be used for to treat other medical conditions. All the thingsthat marijuana has been proven to help for medical purposes is more than iffor it to be legalized in every state. With this huge breakthrough with medicalmarijuana it is something that we should not wait on to pursue because ofthe good that it can do in some people’s lives.

Right now, in the U.S there are8 states that have legalized marijuana for reactional use. 21 states that havemedical marijuana legalized. 21 states have no laws legalizing marijuana.The more states that can legalize marijuana the more people’s lives we cansave or take away some of pain that a person medical issues must gothrough. Even though marijuana does have its pros and cons I think the proscan impact people so much more than the negative effects of the cons.

Ifmarijuana had been previously legalized it makes me think about how itwould be affecting our world today, how many diseases we could have curesfor, how many lives would be impacted, how the world of medicine wouldchange by using marijuana for medical purposes.


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