In morocco and the features of the

 In order to attemptto answer the essay above; Does cultural display merely offer the tourist ‘facile’and ‘stereotyped’ substitute for the “other?  I have chosen to includemy case study of a touristic place.

The case study is relation to a vacation quiterecently in morocco and the features of the Moroccan vacation provides for the illustrationof the way in which indigenous cultures in terms of culture display often stereotypeas facile in the way in which they are displayed. Morocco(Marrakesh)                                                Photographic images taken by author Figure 1                                                                             Figure 2 (Women making Argan oil)                                               (AlHassan Tower) The sociology of tourism has been an important area of academicstudy for many decades. The sociology of tourism is an emergent specialty withthe study of touristic motivations, relationship, roles and how their impact ontourists and society who receive them.

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(Smith, et al., 2010)”The sociology oftourism is concerned with the relations between tourists as types, and thestructuring, function and consequences of the tourist system in general”. When a personwho travel especially to a strange location or an environment that is sought tobe unfamiliar not only geographically but can also be socially, culturally and personally.Therefore, the traveller can face difficulties for which a solution may need tobe found if their trip is to be fully rewarding and enjoyable. (Cohen, 1984)Travellers need tomanager their own resources whether it is time or money in situations which arevery different from those at home. They can also lead to find themselves whenin a unknown place to manager there social interactions and relations to obtainsustenance and even possibly find new companionship.

Determining the extentthere will be a cultural distance, they may wish to maintain results indecisions as to just how unfamiliar the traveller wants his or her environment awayfrom home base to be. The degree of local participation will be regardless ofwhether the individual traveller must superficially study the country to bevisited and make somewhat of a decision in how these problems have environmentaldifferences. Travel has a great influence on national understanding and appreciationof other people.

The visiting of tourists in a country can affect the livingpatterns of indigenous people. The way visitors conduct themselves and theirrelationships with citizens of the host country can often have a profoundeffect on the mode of life and attitudes of local people. (Boorstin, 1992) wrote the book “a guide to pseudo-eventsin America” in his book his recognised the stimulation is a distinct social category,linking with many apparently disparate phenomena.  He claimed that America was living in the “ageof contrivance” in which there were illusions and fabrications had become adominant force in society. He said the “public life” was filled with “pseudo-events”which meant it was staged and scripted events where there were counterfeitversions of the actual happenings. As well as counterfeit event, there were counterfeitpeople (such as celebrities) whose identities are also being staged andscripted and there often is no relationship to any underlying activity.

Evenwhen it comes to the tourist industry which had once offered adventure seeker apassport to reality, now insults their travellers from the previous places theywere visiting and instead providing “artificial products” in which “picturesquenatives fashion paper-Mache images of themselves” for tourists to see scenes outof movies. (Boorstin, 1992) said that ” Thetraveller used to go about the world to encounter the natives. A function oftravel agencies now is to prevent this encounter. They are devising efficientnew ways of insulating the tourist from the travel world… one reason why returningtourists nowadays talk so much about and are so irritated tipping practices isthat these are amost their only direct with the people”. Boorstin wishes for amore exclusive aged of travel.

He is trying to imply before the rise of masstourism 


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