In photos) The largest pyramid in the world

In Giza , the outskirts of the Egyptian capital of Cairo , there is a world-famous Pyramid of Khufu .

As the world wonder of man-made architecture, the Khufu pyramid was firstEgypt pyramid landscape illustrationEgyptian pyramid landscape view (17 photos) The largest pyramid in the world is the tomb of the second king of the fourth dynasty, Khufu, built around 2690 BC. Before it was built in Paris in 1888 from the Eiffel Tower , it was always the tallest building in the world (the other said: Cologne Cathedral was completed 157.3 meters high in 1880). The original height of 146.5 meters, due to weathering, the top peel off 10 meters, is now 136.

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5 meters high; the base is more than 230 meters long on each side, is now 220 meters long, the slope of the triangle plane is 52 degrees, the bottom area of ??52900 square meters; tower body by 230 Ten thousand stones are built. Each stone weighs an average of 2.5 tons, and the largest one weighs 160 tons. Some scholars estimate that if a train is used to ship pyramid stones, approximately 600,000 carts will be used; if these stones are broken, they are paved. A one-foot-wide road can be around the earth for about a week.

It is said that 100,000 people took 30 years to complete. The internal channel of the pyramid is open to the outside world. The channel’s sophisticated design and precise calculations make the world complacent. 2 In addition to its size and magnitude, the pyramid is also known for its superb architectural skills. Between the stones in the tower, there is no cement or the like, but a stone is stacked on top of the other stone. Every stone has been very well grounded.

It has lasted for thousands of years. Even so, it is difficult for people to use a sharp edge to insert gaps between stones. Therefore, it can last for thousands of years without falling. This cannot but be said Miracles in the history of architecture.

In addition, on the north side of the Great Pyramid, 13 meters above the ground, there is a triangular entrance with four huge stones. This triangle is very clever, because if you don’t use triangles and use quadrilaterals, then the huge pressure of the one hundred meters high pyramid itself will collapse the entrance and exit. With triangles, the huge pressure is spread evenly. The understanding and application of the principle of mechanics more than 4,000 years ago, and the ability to have such a structure, is truly remarkable.On the southern side of the Pyramid of Khufu there is the famous Museum of the Sun Boat . The son of Khufu used the sun boat to transport the mummies of Khufu to the Pyramid and then took the boat and buried it underground. The museum was built on the site where the sun boat was unearthed. The hull is a pure wood structure and is made of ropes.

But the more surprising miracle is not the magnificent posture of the Khufu pyramid, but the digital “coincidence” that took place in the Khufu pyramid: people already know that because the Earth’s orbit is elliptical, it goes from Earth to Earth. The distance of the sun is also between 14.24 million kilometers and 151.36 million kilometers, which makes people define the average distance between the Earth and the sun as 149,597,870 kilometers as an astronomical unit of measure.Pyramid of Khufu landscape mapPyramid of Khufu landscape map (8 photos) It is 149,597,870 kilometers (about 150 million kilometers); if the height of the pyramid of Khufu is 146.59 meters multiplied by 1 billion, the result is that 146.

59 million kilometers fall within the range of 14.624 million kilometers to 151.36 million kilometers.

In fact, this figure is hardly a coincidence, because the meridian of the Khufu pyramid just divides the Earth’s land and ocean into two equal halves. Could it be said that Egyptians were able to conduct such precise astronomical and geographical measurements in ancient times?Surprising numbers of “coincidences” continue to emerge. As soon as Napoleon’s army entered Egypt, the French brought an extension line to the vertices of the Khufu pyramid, and the Nile Delta was right. The other place is divided into two halves. One can then extend the hypothetical line further north to the North Pole, and you will see that the extension line only deviates from the pole of the North Pole by 6.

5 km. Considering the fact that the position of the North Pole is constantly changing, one can imagine that It is likely that at the time of the construction of the Khufu Pyramid, the extension line coincided with the pole of the North Pole.


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