In a professor of physics at Guilford college

In this book report the book that will be discussed is “Stephen Hawking” by Sheridan Simon a biography of the life of Stephen Hawking. The author of the biography Sheridan simon is a professor of physics at Guilford college in Greensboro, North Carolina. In preparation for writing this biography, Dr. Simon interviewed and corresponded with colleagues and acquaintances of Stephen Hawking as well as reviewing his latest work.Stephen William Hawking was born on january 8, 1942, in the university town of Oxford, England. Education was very important to both of his parents knowing they both graduated from world famous University of Oxford. Hawkings parents expected their son to get a good education and work hard. Stephen was the oldest of four children. Growing up he was a very healthy child with no sign of disease. Academically, Stephen was slow when it came to learning. Stephen was a very curious child even though it was hard for him to learn. Growing up Stephen was not very interested in biology he would say ” the biological sciences were….too hazy for me.” When Stephen was 11 he went to Saint Albans School, where he was an average. When Stephen was in school he would likely be teased because he was underweight and unathletic. Stephens interest in science became real excitement when he started studying chemistry. When Stephen began studying at oxford that was when his studies began to become serious. His interest in cosmology meant that he would try to find answers to questions that had been asked for centuries. Hawking had seen the first signs of his disease during his last year at Oxford, but did not concern him. But after he entered cambridge , the symptoms grew more severe. Stephen was told that he had amyotrophic lateral sclerosis which slowly destroys the nerves in the brain and the spine that control the muscles. This disease did not affect his brain which allowed him to continue his research in theoretical physics.After Stephen found out about his disease his whole attitude became different. Once Stephen knew he had no time to waste, he decided to make the best use he could of the time he had left. Stephen was a very determined and made most of the time he had left. Even though Stephen was having trouble getting things done he continued to show grit and continue his studies which led to him discovering things that really impacted the information we know today.This also led to a impact on other scientist and their discovers. Stephen has had a very important impact on the details we have on black holes and other scientific information. For example he discovered that if an object such as a neutron star collapses, a singularity with a black hole around it would almost always be formed. Stephens was able to explain how black holes are formed which caught attention of lots of people. This information was tested out and today we have a clear understanding on how black holes form and what really they are. Also he also had a impact on the big bang theory how the universe was created. This has had a huge impact on people today and the information that we have learned from Hawking.I admire the determination that Stephen showed. Stephen was in very critical condition but was still able to come up with a very important discovery. I learned how the universe was created in the science version even if i don’t agree with it, it has impacted the scientific discoveries.                  


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