In and educated professor of linguistics, Tannen is

In Deborah Tannen’s article written for the Washington Post, she manages to successfully prove her point about the cultural significance of agonism in today’s society. She does this through anecdotes that establish a connection and capture the emotions of the audience.// FOR EXAMPLE, IN PARAGRAPH// In For Arguments Sake, Tannen introduced her main idea through a surprising narrative. Since this article was written for the general public, she chooses to use words and concepts that are simplistic and easy to understand. As a well researched and educated professor of linguistics, Tannen is able to use her already established credibility to build off of .

This makes the audience trust what she has to say a lot easier than if she had no experience. In this article she also takes the audience through her thought process which allows them to understand better how argument culture is important and how it will affect them in everyday life. In Tannen’s second article, Agonism in th Academy: Surviving Higher Learning’s Argument Culture, she transitions to a audience comprised of mainly academic professionals which majorly shifts her tone.

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