In such as the Data Protection Act are

In any business the sales andmarketing departments must meet legal, regulatory and ethical requirements. Thescope of these requirements is what they are in place to achieve, what theirobjectives and goals are.  Sales and Marketing areimportant as they are generally the part of any business that is most exposed tothe public, so it is important that all legal, regulatory and ethicalrequirements are considered and followed as not following them is not onlygoing against company Policies and Acts but legal requirements which could harmthe business due to not following good practice. It could also lead to beingsued or taken to court depending on the severity.

 Within Sales and Marketing, legalrequirements such as the Data Protection Act are put in place to ensure thehandling of a customer’s sensitive data for example the collection and use of paymentdetails and address is done correctly as it is extremely important and must be doneby following company and legal procedures. These procedures include only collectingdata which is necessary, as well as not holding the information for any longerthan we need it. Further to this at Flightcase Warehouse we use a CRM (CustomerRelation Management) system to capture the details of everyone who places anorder with us. Any data that we hold is kept securely in our CRM system and isonly available to those who need to use it.  Regulatory requirements such asthe Health and Safety Act are put in place by the Government.

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Businesses mustfollow these regulations as they are all legal requirements of a business. Thisis to ensure all actions that can be taken to protect the health and safety ofall employers and employees is taken to not only meet government requirementsand regulations but keep the workforce safe and healthy. At Flightcase WarehouseWe follow Health and Safety regulations for example we wear high visibilityjackets in the warehouse as well as the necessary PPE.

 Ethical requirements are put inplace to help, protect and keep employees from being discriminated against.Laws such as the Human Rights Act are in place to protect people of alldifferent ethnicities from being discriminated against. In sales and marketing,at Flightcase Warehouse the people that I am exposed to and work with are diversemeaning they will have different religious beliefs or be a different ethnicity.This must be respected, and the human rights act must be followed. It is ofutmost importance that no one is discriminated against or treated anydifferently and if this behaviour does occur in the workplace or anywhere it isbreaking the law.


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