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In closing, despite the advantages of EPB in nursing practice, there is still the need to convince some nurses to include EBP in their patient care. Knehans and Schir (2015) claimed that when nurses have easy access to libraries near the clinical setting, the evidence-based attitude to nursing will work better. In spite of this, most nurses remain disinclined in their execution of evidence-based care because of their lack of expertise in searching for best evidence and this is where enhanced training is needed. A colleague would be informed that it is crucial to incorporate EBP into our practice to accomplish the best patient outcomes. Bussieres et al, (2016) described EBP as the integration of clinical skills, patient values and effective research evidence into the decision making operation for patient care. Hence, EBP leads to increased quality care and nurse satisfaction, and it is beneficial. EBP requests a combination of research-based knowledge with clinical expertise and has become an essential, guiding support for any profession.


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