In development, considering the basic principles of sustainability

the early twentieth century, many urban thinkers focused on improving the
physical urban form of the cities, this traditional view about urban planning
never easily disappeared but as urban planning become more realistic field on
the base of scientific or economic analysis. Planning document themselves no
longer had a drawing, graphic visions and maps. By the end of the century, many
urban observes began to think about other ways and new types of urban form that
would make cities more environmentally and ecologically oriented.  For such reason the concept sustainable
development emerged, as later defined by (Brundtland, 1987), the concept has
become as a significant tool to make a better quality of life in the social,
economic and environmental perspective.

define sustainable urban planning it’s important to first compare it to
“sustainable development” concept. The meaning of the two concepts are almost
the same and they are often used interchangeably in the literature (cf.
Richardson, 1994). One of the ways of differentiating between the two-term is
to think of sustainability as describing a desirable state or conditions that
continue over time. In addition to the three aspects of sustainable development,
considering the basic principles of sustainability are significantly important,
especially in the case of the urban planning perspective of
sustainability.  The basic principles
include intergenerational equity principle which refers to the development regarding
the future generation’s right to use the same resources and social justice
which is related to the social aspects of urban areas. Those principles could
be achieved through the proper use of land, more projects and guidelines about
environmental protection and social equity policies.

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development should be guided by sustainable planning and oriented towards
long-term goals to promote mixed-use development, enhance interconnected green
space and also a partnership between private and public sector should be used
to create sustainable and livable communities. In addition, policymakers and
other stakeholders should support sustainable urban planning and development
techniques that create a balance between built and natural environment.

planning is a vital tool to make cities more inclusive, environmentally
friendly, and culturally meaningful. The aim of sustainable urban planning and
development is to provide and encourage mixed-use development with easily
accessed and well-defined centers and edges.



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