In same department. Organised lateral flow will

In building an effective communication structure within an organisation, the manager must take into account the direction certain communications would take.

There are different ways in which information can be disseminated within an organisation. These include:i. Downward communication – This is passing message from higher level to lower level in an organisation. This flow mainly involves giving orders, broadening of ideas and communicational knowledge.ii. Upward communication – This flow of information is where a message is passed from those ranked lower in the organisation structure to their superiors.

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It allows subordinates to pass feedback, which maybe include opinions or expression of problems that need their attentions. Thus an effective and efficient upward communication system will help manager in monitoring the day to day running activities of the company.iii. Lateral communication – Employees in organisation need to communicate among themselves. Through this they foster team work and avoid duplication and overlapping of tasks.

Lateral flow is the communication among people in the same department. Organised lateral flow will not only help the manager to create harmony within the teams under him but will also help team members to build trust and social appropriately within the company. With this, the company will be a place where employees feel wanted and thus motivate them to unleash their full potential in whatever they do.iv. Diagonal communication – No one department in an organisation an island, all departments must work together for the organistion to achieve its set goals. The work of the manager is therefore to create linkage on which they operate without any conflict. This is only possible with a clear communication system. Thus an effective lateral communication should be set in any organisation.

v. External flow – This is the communication with those out of the organization. This occurs when the organization is transacting business with other organisations or when it is connecting to community around it.


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