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In the military there has been a significant use of animal testing. They feel as if since its just an animal they do not have feelings. Animals suffer as much as humans do, they are not too much of  a difference. These animals are just as important as any other human being.

Animal cruelty is being practiced everywhere, from the military running tests on them. To the point where they put them in danger. The use of animals in the military is inhumane.Research shows that dogs suffer from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). This is because after war they feel like they have to be on pins and needles.

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Humans make them feel that way by introducing them to a totally different environment than what they are usually in. These “military” dogs are mostly German Shepherds and Labrador Retrievers. They are specially and specifically trained to do many different tasks. These dogs did not have a choice whether they wanted to be a part of the mission.

They were volunteered, unlike humans they have a choice whether they choose to serve or not.Treatment can be very hard and tricky. It is not easy to treat a troubled animal just as well as a human. They also have fears. If they are not properly taken care of then there is a possibility that they cannot be adopted. If treatment does work they can be adopted and sent to a loving home.

Sometimes those troubled animals cannot be treated as they should and they may require more work. Veterinarians must also take good guesses on what is going on with the dog, since they cannot express their feelings and they cannot let you know what is wrong with them.The military also trained medics with animal use other than using stimulators. They felt as if it was easier to use an animal other than using a stimulator. Mainly because they were extremely expensive.

If you think about it , dogs do not have the same anatomy as humans, So what does it really benefit? “Stimulators offer better combat training than live animals,are more human and are ultimately more cost-effective” (Johnson 1) If he thinks this, then why make these innocent animals suffer by letting the soldiers do test on them.?If you think about it, these dogs have risked their lives.


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