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In Patricia Ann McNair essay, I Go on Running, McNair talks about her life as a writer and how she gets creative with her work. She says she is lucky to take her work with her anywhere she goes and describes that is able to go to different places in her writings. A writer is able to use their imagination and real-life experiences to create any type of literature. There are many other careers out there that also requires creativity such as artists and designers.


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An artist is someone who creates some type of art. Craft artists are able to get inspired by the things around them and can express themselves using different types of raw material. There are many things crafters can create like jewelry, key chains, phone cases, decorations, quilts, and even more items.  Multimedia artists can get their inspiration by things in nature and even their imagination. Multimedia artists produce visual art like sounds, special effects, animations, games, and stories using computers, cameras, and other tools. Painters may express emotions, beliefs, or ideas based on colors, landscapes, people, clothing, or even earlier art they may have seen (Vilorio 2015). With that inspiration, artists are able to get creative and produce their own art.


Designers are also a career that relies on creativity. Many industries need designers of some sort to develop projects to make their business a success. Commercial designers develop sketches and designs for different projects such as toys, furniture, cars, and other household items. They are able to create things that people can use on a daily basis. Fashion designers create clothing and accessories. They are able to choose the style they want to create; then they are able to sell it to others who enjoy the product. Interior designers deal with furniture and other household appliances; they use those items to decorate rooms and buildings. Interior designers will aid and ask questions on a persons’ likes and dislikes; then they are able to help decorate according to that persons’ style (Vilorio 2015). Designers are able to produce something on their own based on their own preferences and well as what others may like.

Patricia Ann McNair is a writer who uses her vision to create literature. Her job as a writer relies on her creativity. She is able to get inspiration by personal experiences and her imagination. The same goes with artists and designers. They are able to produce something from their likes and present it to others. Artist such as a painter can choose from a wide-range of colors to express their own feeling and or beliefs. Designers produce things that people may use daily from clothes to furniture. They are able to present their ideas for others to enjoy. Creating something requires lots of work and thought and it starts off with inspiration. Many jobs need people to get creative to produce an item or idea. 


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