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In 2018, according to some statistics 68% of adults use Facebook in US and about 94% from the age 18 to 24 (social media use in 2018 , 2018). This number of users is being increased every day if it’s not every second. No one can deny the importance of social media in everyone live, as it has an obvious role in communication between people. Social media not only helps ordinary people in their live, but also it helps business owners to make their businesses more successful. It helps businesses to get more profit because they spend less on advertising. For this reason business’ owner focus on using social media in best ways nevertheless, they don’t forget the disadvantages of social media on their businesses.

Social media helps in maintaining the relation between the business and the customer and make the communication much easier. It can be used as a tool of advertising, marketing and raising the brand awareness (Yazdanifard, 2013). Nowadays, almost all businesses around the world are realized the role of social media in promoting brand name and attracting new customers. According to Forrester research study (2011) found that companies are gradually changing their marketing priorities to Compatible better with costumers, as Today’s clients are technology savvy and social media maniacs. Social media networks not only used in marketing but also make people excited to try their products or services (Barwise, 2010). Recently, there are uncountable social media channels.

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The most famous social network websites that are widely used are; Face book, Youtube , Instagram, Twitter and linked in. As a matter of fact,Facebook, twitter and YouTube are the most common websites that companies use in their marketing to create brand awareness and to deal with customers (Odhiambo, 2012). Business owners compare between the costs of advertising on social media and on traditional media which lead them to go forward advertising on social media. It helps businesses to get more profit because they spend less on advertising (Lall, 2016).

TV, radio, ads on magazines or newspapers and posters are types of traditional marketing which can target old generation easily. However, the results of this advertising can’t be measured and it needs to hire more people outside the company. Social media helps businesses developed by knowing people feedbacks and comments on their products or services. It helps small businesses to reach the biggest number of audience, because it allows them to create content no matter what size the business is (Lall, 2016). Social media can put pressure on business because the speed of spreading rumors. For instance, Competitors can utilize that to distort the company’s reputation (Yazdanifard, 2013).

Platform categories are not appropriate equally with all marketing goals because most of the platforms are not equally well for information and cooperation. For this reason, Organization should hire expert marketers that will choose the suitable platform to appropriate their marketing goals and objectives (Odhiambo, 2012). According to lall (2016) small organizations won’t be able to matching large organization in volume and budget. As a result, not all organizations can benefit from social media facilities. In conclusion, it’s shown that investment on social media promotions have pros and cons; it depends on the plan and strategy of any company. It just a matter of doing things in the best way possible and seeking to best results.

Otherwise, it leads to waste in time and money which makes businesses fail. (Gregorio, 2014 )


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