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In 2006 UFC 64: Unstoppable, Anderson Silva had a championship fight against Rich Franklin where he won by TKO (technical knockout) because of his abilities and skills in his muay thai clinch.

Anderson Silva won his first fight against Rich Franklin because his strength and skills in the clinch, in the fight we see that they’re both great strikers on their feet but, later in the round Rich Franklin made a mistake of letting himself be trapped in Anderson Silva’s Muay Thai clinch and leaving his head uncovered and only focussing on protecting his body. The Anderson Silva vs Rich Franklin fight did not go past the very first round where Silva had won by TKO and won his very first UFC Championship, as people reflect on that fight they see something that no one really has seen before in the UFC, which was the Muay Thai clinch and because of this fight Anderson Silva , along with his skills in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) , he was considered the best breakout champion. The fight between Silva and Franklin was where the reign of the “Spider” began and history was made.In Anderson Silva’s first title defense against Nate Marquardt at UFC 73: , Anderson Silva won in the very first round because of his skills in his ground game. Anderson Silva is known for his beautiful striking , but his ground game is EXTREMELY underrated as shown in his fight against Nate Marquardt where he destroyed his opponent on the ground exploiting every open opportunity with very brutal strikes. In his second title defense, Anderson Silva had a rematch against Rich Franklin where they fought in Franklin’s hometown Cincinnati, Ohio in UFC 77 Hostile territory.

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In the fight against Rich Franklin, Anderson Silva showed once more that he was still superb to Rich Franklin in the octagon. In the second round of the second fight between Anderson Silva and Rich Franklin Rich Franklin made a slight mistake coming out of the clinch and Anderson Silva capitalized on that mistake and overwhelmed Franklin with fluid and powerful strikes and won by TKO. During this streak of title defenses by Anderson Silva he defended his belt from Dan Henderson at UFC 82, Patrick Cote UFC 90, Thales Leites UFC 97: Redemption, Demian Maia UFC 112.

After defending his title from Demian Maia, Anderson Silva had one fighter to defend his title from which was the infamous Chael Sonnen who was rising as a superstar and everyone was waiting for the fight to happen ,because these two fighters were considered the best in the middleweight division at the time and everyone wanted to watch the clash. In the first round of the fight between Silva and Sonnen, Sonnen controlled Silva on the ground and won the first round. In the second round right out of the gate Chael Sonnen took down Anderson Silva, but Silva answered by showing off his ground game showing, once again, his underrated Brazilian jiu-jitsu and held his own. In the fifth round of the fight Anderson Silva was taken down wildly by Chael Sonnen and as Sonnen was moving around, he was caught in a triangle was forced to tap. After this fight, no one thought Anderson would ever lose his belt continuing to mow down challengers like Vitor Belfort UFC 126 Yushin Okami UFC 134, and once again in a rematch, Chael Sonnen.This record made by Anderson Silva for most title defenses in a row was ended by Chris Weidman. In the duration of the record for longest title reign made by Anderson Silva was made because of the ways he won by winning with 7 TKO/ko’s 2 decision and 1 submission.

Anderson Silva has cemented his legacy and his record will stand for a while but may be contested because of Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnsons latest win tying the record at 10 wins.


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