Importance of Criminal Law in Modern Society essay

Several sanctions are being put into practice so that several business entrepreneurs can compete in a clean manner and flourish their business activities. Criminal law is aimed at maintaining peace and order. The nature of the criminal laws is either mandatory or prohibitory.When a person violates the mandatory actions, then it reveals that you have omitted the legal actions provided that the law provides.

You ill find that most business enterprises operate in progressively global environment that can easily trigger conflict between the government and the existing judicial system. But can our business operate smoothly without strong criminal laws? (Institute, 2010) It is so clear that there is a big risk to any business to allow their employees to get themselves in illegal acts on behalf of the managers.Within the laws of criminal justice, it is the interest of the business organization to run their activities both legally and ethically.

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But some situations may force the company or any business enterprise to act legally. You will always find some business organization seeking the advantage of undertaking their daily business activities close to the periphery of the law. Sometimes it goes to a situation where the boundaries are misunderstood and you find the business engaging into the criminal activity.A situation arises when pressure within the business becomes so high that the employees and even mangers end up operating illegally. Salesmen also are fighting hard to achieve the targeted sales so that they can get their pay leading to offer of bribes to buyers. Another situation can occur when a equines is in the verge of collapsing and due to pressure build up to revive the company, employees might end up acting illegally.

Business can really succeed without strong criminal justice based on the points raised above because it can give room to any entrepreneur to adjust himself/herself especially in times of need. Business activity generally involves several risks. References Institute.

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