IMPORT commerce in Egypt, n.d) INSURANCE LEGISLATION-Obeying the

IMPORT & EXPORT REGULATIONS- With regards to the import law Ariika obeys law No.118 of 1975 which says that import of goods is allowed by both the public and the private sector ,In addition to the allowance of the individuals to import goods for their personal use through intermediary agents and their own resources. On the other hand, Exports can be only done by the persons whose names are registered in the ministry of foreign trade. (American chamber of commerce in Egypt, n.

d)INSURANCE LEGISLATION-Obeying the law no.156 of 1988 & Decree no.45 of 1999 , 100% of the shares of Egyptian insurance company that is fully owned by the government is permitted to be owned by the private sector. This applies to both foreign and local private investors. (American chamber of commerce in Egypt, n.

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d)EGYPTIAN LABOR-In any establishment the total number of non-Egyptian employees should not exceed 10% of the workforce whether skilled or un-skilled. 25% is the limit of the Egyptian labor for the skilled workers. (American chamber of commerce in Egypt, n.

d)EMPLOYMENT CONTRATCS-Ariika’s typical labor contract would include :-Name of the employer and the workspace’s address.-Qualifications ,occupation & the documents required to prove his identity, and his social insurance number. -Nature of work subject to the contract.-Method & time of payment & and the agreed wage.


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