Imperialism linked to the natural riches – like

Imperialism was a movement of political and economic domination and exploitation of the European industrialized nations (England, France, Germany, Belgium and Holland) on the African continent occurred in the nineteenth century, Europe wanted to grow their nations and grow their army, so they started to take control of other nations to get bigger. Europe presence in Africa was mostly about buying and selling slaves from local chiefs, and the thought that Africa was a weak nation, had natural resources and raw materials, made they think that they could help them bringing civilization, language and religion, because they thought that they were better than Africa and that they were ignorant and uncivilized, but there was a problem, they did not enter the interior of Africa, because they could get Malaria ( Malaria is a blood disease caused by the plasmodium parasite that is transmitted by the Anopheles mosquito.)The arrival of new European countries in the scenario of domination of the African continent caused an immense fragmentation of the communities and the native cultures, the exploration began to be guided by the interests linked to the natural riches – like gold, copper and diamonds – and the strategically located regions near to the Mediterranean Sea for privileges in maritime trade.

The British made their imperialist incursion promoting the conquest of Egypt and the consequent obtaining of the Suez Canal. From the economic point of view, the Suez Canal allowed integration between the major European industrial centers and the Asian colonies through the connection between the Mediterranean and Red Sea. Soon after the dominion of Egypt, the Sudan was also incorporated as another of the portions of the imperial territory of England. Europe wanted these resources to make its industries better and bigger, and Africa had many resources that Europe would get and use. Economic motives helped drive imperialism because Europe knew that these resources would help them to strengthen their nation.

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