IMPACT fact that one can remember things

IMPACT OF CINEMA IN LIFEThe beginning of the human existence, it has been looking for a great way of recreation or amusement. Nobody can deny that recreation is as important as work in our life.

If there is no recreation or amusement in life then life loses its charm. Life would all become dull and boring. From ancient times, hunting, games, dramatics, dancing and singing were used as their favourite pastimes for amusement and relaxation for a busy and dull life.

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It is a well known fact that one can remember things easily with both visual and audio. According to surveys taken, study sessions with video has given better results than just with audio or orally explaining. Since movies are explored by all as their pastime.Cinema is the modern and popular form of entertainment.

It can be enjoyed by everyone like rich, poor, children, old people and youth. Cinema’s came to existence in early 1800’s and from then they are liked and enjoyed by all. Cinema doesn’t have any such season or time. In every season it has been enjoyed by all. In early years people used to go movie theatres but after the invention of televisions, video tapes, smart phones and due to internet people enjoy their movies anywhere and everywhere.

Cinema’s has brought a lot change in the society and social trends. They have introduced new fashion trends, societal change in thinking of people. In olden days, women were not treated as equal as men but due to cinema the change has occurred. In many other aspects like caste differences, untouchability cinema has changed the high standards of society. Cinema’s has become a educative form of entertainment mostly among youth.

Cinema’s has contributed a lot to the society. It has both positive and negative impact on the society. We learn many new things and can enrich our mind. As impact of movies on youth and children is more.Let us see the impact of movies in present generation:As world consists mostly of youth, it has changed a lot among the youth thinking. It has impacted in both negative and positive way. From olden days to present movies has changed a lot from its own perspective.

As present generation tend to get influence easy and mostly from movies. They copy their fashion trends, attitude, ideas and thinking. It can tend to be positive as well as negative. As we know that movies are of different genres and mostly few genres disturb the mind. Lead them to the wrong path of their life.

Movies should think about the people and should create such which mostly doesn’t have much negative impact on them.Movies are of different genres like family entertainers, women oriented, masala movies, adulteries and many more. Every impact have some negative and positive face and mostly it depends on the way it has shown to people to grab that side among them.

As there are Hollywood, Bollywood, tollywood and other countries has their own native movies. Among hollywood has influenced a lot among the people. They like their attitude and want to copy them. Few times get so much influenced that they forget that it is a movie try to implement in real life. Due to which sometimes they face a great loss.

POSITIVE IMPACT:Cinema has the major role to influence the society. It can be used for social awareness among society.Nowadays we can see that biopics are in trends. They can serve as a motivation to the public in their real life.By movies we get to know about different art and culture of different parts of the world.It improves our thinking capacity and enlarges imagination.

As movies are a great sort of entertainment, it helps the people to relax their mind and to be stress free.Watching different genres of movies leads to broaden our knowledge.It gives employment to many as many family resides on the entertainment world.NEGATIVE IMPACT:Its a kind of waste of money.Most people gets addicted to it which leads to problems in their life.

Certain content shown by the industry may not be set to all and can mess up people’s mind.Masala movies and violence in them can lead a negative impact on them.Lack of sex education can lead to certain wrong steps among people.CONCLUSIONCinema’s get inspired from society and society get inspired from it. Yes, it correct that its has two sides but it depends on the people what they choose.

Movies should stop a lot of masala movies and movies which bring negative impact in the society.


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