Immersion Week Reflection Portfolio essay

When I’m out in the city it’s always important to r e me beer who I am and what school I represent. Default promotes Vientiane principle s, and they encourage generosity, honesty and kindness.

This reminds me to always think about others and how my actions would affect them. With this, the Default WA y also encourages charity/ community work. Since I’ve had a lot of experience with that from high school, it was more of a transition than an adaptation. Working at the Or anal McDonald House was enjoyable and heartwarming.Especially, since we all go to work together to make many people happy.

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Even though volunteering at PAWS was not particularly fun, it was still good to feel like I was making a difference and play ins with cats is always a good time. I would enjoy working there again, and i will most definitely recommend it to volunteer work seekers. All this was food for thought, but i al so learned other interesting things including the locations of famous death sites, and loc sanctions important Chicagoans tombs and tombstones.

After this person who was quite relevant in my life passed away, was much ore calm and collected when someone close to me passed away. Someone even closer to me passed away recently and it didn’t hit me nearly as hard. It’s okay to feel sad, but I didn’t want to be trapped in my own thought and fall into a pit of De pressmen. The only thing that would make me feel like I did that fateful day would be if my mother, father, or sister passepied forbid.This wasn’t an experience where I could lee earn from mistakes, but observe how Alfred dealt with his loss with such collectedness. Still don’t know how he did it to this because I am obviously not going to ask. It woo old only e appropriate if I was going the rough something similar and was seeking help full advice. Moving forward feel that I’ll be okay the next time this happens.

Thinking it w onto happen again is naive and unrealistic. Immersion week helped me realized De tat sins the end for some people based on what they believe.It could be a new begin Eng or continuation of their lives. Thinking in this manner will help in dealing with Los s in the future.

For some people, their deaths will be appropriately celebrated, and so me will not be at all or hardly at all. I am not religious,but it is not for me to decide what h pens after death. I think wed all like to think positive things happen to good people , and the ones that have done horrible things are properly punished.

AY Capon’s “dead h Site” had no indication of his death anywhere; it was just a grass field.Going the Graced Cemetery and the Scavenger hunt showed me how celebrated one’s death ca Moving forward from this, the other 2 days of immersion week were very eye opening as I mentioned in my opening narrative-The Ronald Mcdonald house also helped realize that other people have it much worse than do which helps me not get hung up n small things like not getting the grade I wanted or not getting to eat what I wanted for dinner. This whole week bettered me as a person and a community member.

This was was not what i expected.When i first signed up for this class I thought I was g owing to experience some morbid stuff and my instructor was going to be strange. Fin ally, day one was here. Woke up much earlier than I would normally wake up in sum however for some mysterious reason I was not feeling any tiredness. Probable y due to the fact i was so excited and curious. We all met at the classroom, and went t rough the syllabus and the schedule for the following week. was in no way physically Y or mentally prepared to walk the 7.

7 miles. The only preparedness was shown in my gemlike attire. As We walked around Lincoln park and Dry.Bryant unveiled ms terries behind some buildings what seemed to be just any other buildings, I was enjoy Yin my time very much. It might sound terribly wrong, but although they were about tragic events, it sounded so cool to still be part a history that was still alive.

Especially y AY Capons. But, to think that women’s suffrage started prohibition is not cometh Eng would have pieced together on my own Our grand tour of Lincoln Park ended in a ca fee, dedicated only and only to cupcakes, sounded delicious. Furthermore, we we NT on some non death related adventures including visiting the Lincoln Park Zoo an d the farmers market.Even though i go to the city quite often, I have never been to the Lincoln Park Zoo.

Clayton, Seed and I all wandered the park to try and see as many cool animals as possible with the hour timeshare we were given. I had no did a would see rhinos, a lynx and a red panda. It was a fun and fascinating experience. La ere got to eat subs at lunch from a place that slipped from my mind, but they were e delicious even though mine was unexpectedly spicy.

The farmers market was interests Eng. The fact that everything there was organically grown and mostly family run was eve welcoming.It establishes a new type of trust with food vendors. Thought it w interesting that people in Chicago are growing certain fruits and vegetables in doors because they cannot handle the City’s sporadic weather. If i am correct, we us De the same ingredients being sold at the farmers market at the Ronald Mcdonald h souse to rate the extravagant dinner.

Though the crepe ate was 13 dollars, it was a cool experience to see where the REAL Whole Foods is. The last day was the cave anger hunt and it was quite fun. I was paired with Legal and Ariel.

We sat at the co imputer and figured out our route to success.We figured out where each site was, the n we were ready to go. We visited, an ally, bridge, and multiple memorials along with the Art Institute. We took a while to find the ally where the fire happened so we thou get we’d be running late, but it turned that we finished first! I was excited because we won ND we got to go back to our dorms earlier than everyone. Knowing this, we celebrate d with Cataracts and Chipolata to satisfy our empty stomachs.

This immersion week experience was an overall positive learning experience f me, and I think my classmates would agree. M privileged to go to such a Greg at school with such respectful and accepting people in a vibrant and diverse city. Took Chicago for granted for most of my life since Vive lived in the area for my whole life. No w that i actually live in the city, realize how lucky I am to be here. It’s not just the bull dings and either that i love, but rather the people and things to do. Because of emmer Soon week, i now have a better understanding Of loss. It used to be a touchy topic that i b lived instilled a melancholy mood in people who discussed it.

It may be true for so me,but i believe it should not be that way. Fear is the worst enemy and it will not help anyone. Moving forward I feel that I’ll be okay the next time this happens. Thinking it w happen again is naive and unrealistic. Death is everywhere everyday.

It’s the t Ruth and there’s no denying the truth. Furthermore, i feel much more comfortable with death, and want to be there for any of my friends that are struggling with loss. With that will carry on Vientiane principles and continue bettering myself and the people around d me to create an ideal community.

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