Imagine if guns did not exist. Having

Imagine a world without guns. How much less deaths would there be? Do you know or have heard of anyone who has died from a gunshot? Most likely you have or do. Now imagine if guns did not exist. Having a total ban on guns would lessen many deaths that occur every year.

Banning guns would make some people feel safer because people would not have the option to reach for a gun in times of danger, anger, or insecurities among other reasons they feel the need for a gun. Having a total ban on guns would also eliminate many accidental deaths caused by guns. Guns are the cause of so many deaths among us today. The government need to banned guns and handle business another way. This is a very serious issue we must pay attention to.

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There are those who are against the idea of banning guns, and there are those who really want guns’ ban.Now, those who are against the idea of banning gun they believe that guns are needed for the military to protect our country, law enforcement to protect our citizens, and for people to protect their family. Those who want guns banned believe that guns and weapons are dangerous and should not be used for any purpose because they often end up in the possession of someone with evil intent and as a result innocent people are either harmed or killed.


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