Image system was balanced before taking my

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Pet 315 notes. Mud Laboratory Manual, Department of PetroleumEngineering, Covenant University.REFERENCE                    The drilling mud must have the right density so thatit can maintain hydrostatic pressure during drilling operations. It should bemonitored in order to make sure that it does not drop while drilling, because adrop in the density of the mud will affect the overall weight exerted by themud column which could lead to undesired results if left unchecked. CONCLUSION                         450.5psi/100065.5lb/ft31.50sg8.

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75ppgDensity for sample 1RESULT          b.     I ensured that the systemwas balanced before taking my reading.a.     I avoided error due toparallax while taking readings from the scale on the mud balance.During the experiment I ensured thefollowing precautions: 9.     For sample 2, I repeatedthe same procedure above.8.     I emptied the content ofthe carrying cup into a bowl and washed it clean.

7.     I checked the position ofthe sliding rider on the beam and recorded the readings on the scale range.6.     I adjusted the slidingweight rider on the mud balance by moving it back and forth until the bubblewas between the two lines which indicated that the system was balanced.5.

     I cleaned off the spilledmud from the carrying cup and placed the balance on the knife edge. 4.     I poured the mixture intothe carrying cup on the 4 -scale mud balance until it was filled to the brimand then covered it with the lid.3.     I used the electric mixer tomix the sample until I had smooth mixture.2.

     I added 35g of bentoniteinto the mixing cup along with my already measured water.1.     For sample 1, I measured350ml of water in the measuring cylinder.PROCEDURES                10g of barite.350ml of water 35g of bentonite For sample 2 350ml of water35g of bentoniteFor sample 1SAMPLES USEDFOR THE EXPERIMENT                  Fig1. A 4-scale metal mud balance                  4.     spatula3.

     Mixer2.     Measuring cylinder1.     4-scale metal mud balanceEXPERIMENTALAPPARATUS               ·       340 – 1190 psi/1000ft·       49 – 179 lbs/ft3·       0.79 – 2.72 specific gravity (sg)·       6.5 – 23.0 lbs/gal (ppg)The 4-scale metal mud balance has the following scalerange:The objective of this experiment is to determine thedensity of a sample of drilling fluid. For this experiment, the 4-scale metalmud balance is used to determine the density of bentonite mixed with wateralone and bentonite mixed with barite and water.

The balance has a fixed volumecup at one end of the beam which is balanced by a fixed counterweight at theopposite end, with a sliding weight rider which freely moves along thegraduated scale. It also has a level bubble mounted on the beam which indicateswhen the system is in balance.INTRODUCTION                 REFERENCE ————————————————————————————-10CONCLUSION ———————————————————————————–9RESULT————————————————————————- —————–8PROCEDURES ———————————————————————————-7SAMPLE USED FOR THE EXPERIMENT —————————————————6EXPERIMENTAL APPARATUS —————————————————————5INTRODUCTION ——————————————————————————-4ABSTRACT —————————————————————————————2TABLE OFCONTENT                     Density is a very important property of a drillingmud. It is one of the major properties of the mud that helps in maintaininghydrostatic pressure. If pressure is to be controlled, density is the firstproperty to be adjusted because the pressure exerted by a mud column depends onit. And it is generally defined as weight per unit volume.

ABSTRACT                                   Date Submitted: 21-01-2018.Date Performed: 19-01-2018. 15CN03275NWOGBO CHINEDU BRIGHTBYA REPORT ON EXPERIMENT 1-DETERMINATION OF DENSITY OF A GIVENVOLUME OF MUD.PETROLEUM ENGINEERING LABORATORY                                                                                PET327   COVENEANT UNIVERSITY, CANNANLAND OTA, OGUN STATE, NIGERIA.DEPARTMENT OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERING    


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