I’m – AY2018-T3 University Of The People

I’m The Un-LeaderClark JanowskiPSYC 1205 – AY2018-T3University Of The PeopleMy MBTI Profile:My MBTI profile is INFP. I am complicated. As I stated previously both in my paper and in my forum posts I am not a leader. I prefer to be in the background watching and only intervening if necessary.

I really am more of an observer that guides people in the direction that I need them to go. I don’t tell people what to do I whisper suggestions and let them take credit for the ideas. In the past I have considered being reserved and quiet to be a negative thing, but I now see being introverted as being a neutral. It is who I am. I have developed my own way of quietly getting things done. For me it is a casual suggestion here and there or a loaded joke that moves things along not an order issued to a subordinate.

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I am non-confrontational, passive aggressive, and manipulative. It did not take this class to show me this I have been this way all my life. My Un-Leading Style:I don’t really want to lead anyone. I want to set an example and have it be good enough that people want to follow my example. So, as far as becoming “the leader that I want to be” I am comfortable with who I am in that role right now.

In my work place I have 15 people working with me, each playing a different role for the business. One to one I personally showed each of them what to do, how to do it, and why we do it the way we do. As you can see from the above statement about training I prefer doing things one to one and not in larger (yes, yes I am aware that groups are more efficient settings for training) group settings.

I have several reasons for this approach the first being that I am more comfortable with this approach. The second reason is I am able to develop a rapport with them and make a personal connection. This approach makes sure each person feels important.

Next is their can be no miscommunication about how things are done because the information is coming directly from the source, me. These one to one sessions are not formal style training, but more of a relaxed low key conversation between two professionals at work. Non-Violent Communication and SCARF:I can totally get behind NVC and SCARF these are awesome tools. These two tools are based on principles that I personally value.

I want to be treated kindly and fairly so that is how I treat others. I want to feel valued and I want to have my needs met. I must assume that others feel and need the same way I do. However, If I am being honest with myself and the people in this class, the information and tools we are learning here will only serve to make me more manipulative, I am not going to be assertive and out going all of the sudden just because I took another psychology class.

However the quiet manipulation that has served me well will become more refined for sure. I don’t consider manipulation to be negative. I consider it to be a tool. Tools are just instruments of function the function can be bad or good depending on the person wielding the tool.


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