I’m the Spanish civil war in the

I’m going to compare Kosovo, Ukraine, The Kurds and Catalonia by their similarities and differences but also explain their fight for freedom.Catalonia had a great autonomy before the Spanish civil war in the 20th century until the military dictator Franco Bahamonde ruled over Spain given by the victory of the Spanish civil war.

However, when Bahamonde died in 1975 Catalonia regained some of their freedom. In 2006 Catalonia boosted their financial power which was later reversed by the Constitutional Court in Spain. And the feeling of more money being taken from Catalonia by the taxes than what the government give back was creeping in. In 2015, separatists won the regional election. The leaders of those who wanted independence went to the court to suggest a full referendum, but it was declared illegal. However, in the Catalonian Parliament the parties who wanted independence got 47,5% of the votes. But the Ciudadanos party got majority of the votes; and their wish was for Catalonia to continue being a part of Spain.

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