If is the world’s largest automotive extravaganza

If you want an opportunity to check out automotive history that feature cars that date to the earliest mode of motorized transportation you should check out a classic car show. These shows are held across United States during warm months. This is a list of the top 10 classic car shows from all regions and you should plan your schedule to make sure you can check any of them out.

1. Pebble Beach Concours d’EleganceThis is the signature event of Pebble Beach California. It is an automotive week called Concours, which is French for a parade of vintage vehicles. It is held on the third Sunday in August and brings approximately 200 collector cars and motorcycles to the Pebble Beach golf course. This is a show that features elegance and usually a surprise product reveal from a major automotive manufacturer.3.

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Charlotte AutofairThis is the world’s largest automotive extravaganza and is a four-day event that takes place in April and also in September. It takes place at the famous Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concorde North Carolina. You will find auctions, a classic car corral and many merchant spaces.4. Amelia Concours d’EleganceThe destination for this Concours display is in Amelia Island near Jacksonville, Florida. It is a three-day March classic car show at the Ritz-Carlton in the finest vintage vehicles compete for two major awards.5.

The Elegance at HersheyHershey Pennsylvania is known for its chocolate but in June it hosts the Concours event that features many beautiful vehicles from bygone eras. There is a vintage race and make sure you allow time to take in the Hershey Park also.6. Southwest Street Broad Nationals PlusIf you are at the state fair in Oklahoma City he will need to check out the 3-Day street rod event that is held in April. It is an event that is one of 10 that is sponsored by the National Street Road Association every year and there are more than 1700 vintage cars at this Oklahoma show.

7. Hilton Head Motoring Festival and Concours d’EleganceThis takes place in South Carolina at an exposition that spans 10 days and is much more than a classic car show. There is a speed classic, car club showcase and an aero show that tops off with a Concours display.8. Telluride Festival of Cars and ColorsThis is one of the newest classic car shows that is now taking place in Telluride, CO and is four days in September. You can enjoy the fall foliage and old cars that include high-end restorations and vintage and exotic vehicles.9.

Iola Old Car Show and Swap MeetIn Iola Wisconsin you will find a three-day show that is held in mid July. The venue features more than 2000 cars and over 4000 swap spaces. The swap meet will give you a chance to peruse historic automotive artifacts.10. The Texas HoedownThis is located in Homestead, Texas and brings in pre-1972 custom hot rods, muscle cars and even shoppers to the Waller County Fairgrounds on the fourth Saturday in May.

The hoedown includes a roller derby, and art show and live bands.Whichever classic car show you choose to take in, all these shows allow you to sample a piece of Americana that have helped shape our nation.


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