“If world of war. They lost their

“If you could have anything in the world- anything you ever wanted, what you want?””Any- what no- I don’t know-?!””Just answer” the boy interrupted brattishly, rolling his eyes (Name) sighed and looked out of the streak stained windows. The night sky was spectacularly beautiful tonight,(etc etc) “the stars.” He’s answered finally “Okay.””‘kay what?””I’ll steal you the stars.”Before they could continue they were interrupted by Sam really didn’t know how he ended up on this situation all he wanted was a damn milkshake but know even that ..

…”I’m Noah””I didn’t ask””No but you were wonderin'”sam just looked at Noah, really looked at him. Something about him was new, so entirely divergent it was like a breath of fresh air.

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They were young when they were thrust into a world of war. They lost their innocence and youth and the little sparkle in their eyes that every child should have.That’s how sam knows Noah is different. His eyes still twinkled with mischief and hope and it was contagious. Sam really prayed that would never be ripped from him, though something told him it wouldn’t disappear so quickly, everything about him screamed fighter and sam loved it. Noah was an enigma.


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