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If you ask someone what they think of stay-at-home moms, you most definitely will get many different answers.

Some people may say that they are lazy and more women should be in the work force. Some people may say that they are making a great decision to stay home and nurture their kids. But what does research say about moms staying at home and moms that go to work after they had their baby. It’s interesting enough to know that women in other countries have six months for sure with the option of having one year to have off with their new baby. In America women have six weeks if that all after giving birth to be with their new born.

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The issue with this is that the mom has no time to bond with the child. Also hardly any time to recover from just giving birth. Sometimes the women giving birth has to go through surgery to give birth and her body would need more time to heal. Their of course includes the psychological mindset of the mother who gave birth. Sometimes women have the “baby blues” and may feel depressed after giving birth. This of course is very unhealthy for the mom and newborn. If the mother doesn’t have enough time to cope after her birth and is forced to go back to work six weeks later, this can cause many issues psychologically. The success of the mom to be at her fullest work ability will be severely decreased.

I’ve been talking a lot about what the mother would face, but the father would face many challenges as well. His work performance could also decrease knowing that at home everything is not working at its fullest potential. In the military the mother has three months off after giving birth and the father has 10 days off. Now I believe the military should be more lenient on this as well.

Because when the newborn has both his mommy and daddy as much as he or she can, the brain function and health of the baby is increased. If both parents are working, would it be such a bad idea to give the mother 6 months off and the father 3 months? The concern of course is that possibly everyone in the military would get pregnant to have the time off and there would be fewer members available in the military workforce. Now looking at the bigger picture, the workforce in America could improve if women in America had more time off after going through the process of giving birth.

For example the infant’s mortality rate would go down dramatically if more mothers were able to stay home and breast feed their young baby. Most work places don’t have a suitable area for mother to pump their breast milk while at work. This causes much frustration in mothers trying to nurse their younglings. The benefit of babies being nursed by their mothers is huge! America should support this as best as they can everywhere. The opposing side would have much concern for not having enough women in the work place. They are all at home raising their children. Now to me, is that such a bad thing? Just look at our history.

Back in the day, the men always went out to work field and the women stayed home. Today it seems that men and women are working the same amount of hours. I totally support women who want to go out, work hard and make a name for themselves. But I would argue that when they have decided to have a baby, are they ready to nurture their precious gift from God? If they are always working, their young baby would have to go to child care and not have the mom and dad time as young babies should have. No matter what you believe, whether you think that women should become stay at home moms or women should continue to work while having her children. Either case I believe that new born mothers especially should stay at home to support their one precious ones. The statistics on the benefits of the children having their mother home outweighs all the statistics out there saying that moms should go to work as soon as they can right after their babies are born.

To me, you have to also consider the fact that many stay at home moms are not very good stay at home moms. Meaning that they may not have the natural abilities to be a stay at home mom, and may need to try harder than other moms. Of course there are many new moms that have babies while in high school for example and are not ready to parent as they themselves are still trying to grow up.

No matter what you say, I still believe that a newborn baby and a mother’s child are best developed when their mother is home. Now I did not talk about stay at home fathers. They too themselves have the option to stay home with the children as the mother goes off to work.

You see this more and more in today’s world. I have no problem with this at all. If one parent can stay home to help the baby and children out, it is just better for everyone.

There is more to life than work. We of course need to work and bring home money to survive, but we need to realize that chasing success over chasing our children’s dream will always be the better option. In conclusion, not all working mothers will have the chance to take off work to raise their child.

Many moms are single parents and there are too many expenses to just rely on one income. Stay at home mothers have the opportunity to experience life’s most amazing moments with their children and can also pursue college to keep the boredom to a minimum of the everyday routine. In the end it will always be up to the mother. After all she is the one who gave birth. Having another support person to help with the child will always help to whether to become a stay at home mom or go back to work.

In the end, it’s a choice that will incidentally arise for every mother, and it’s their choice to whether stay home or go back to work. It is a life altering decision that should be very carefully thought through either way.


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